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'''''Battle Pope''''' is an independent comic book created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (artist)|Tony Moore, which was published by their own small press company under the moniker of Funk-O-Tron originally in 2000 in comics|2000. The series was reprinted in color by Image Comics in 2005 in comics|2005, with plans to possibly continue it with new stories after collecting the original material. The book tells the tale of a hard drinking, womanizing Pope, condemned by God for his own evil ways, who is called to action to save Saint Michael, with the help of wikt:Jesus H. Christ|Jesus H. Christ, becoming mankind's final hope in a world overrun by demons following the Rapture. The comic was adapted into a season of 8 animated webisodes that appeared on Spike (TV channel)|Spike TV's website in 2008.
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PublisherImage Comics/Funk-O-Tron
DateEarly 2000 in comics|2000
Main char teamPope, Jesus H. Christ
WritersRobert Kirkman
ArtistsTony Moore (artist)|Tony Moore
LetterersRobert Kirkman
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